May 30- Exploring iMovie

This week, I did a bit of exploring with apps that can be used in an educational setting to support learning. At first, I was thinking of an app such as Google Classroom or Flipgrid in which I have used both apps/websites in previous education university classes. Then, I began just scrolling through my iPhone and came across iMovie. iMovie is a free app on any apple device that creates a variety of presentation modalities including videos, movies, slideshows, and much more! You can add pictures, sound effects, music, voice over, and filters to any presentation created on iMovie.

I used iMovie in a simple way by creating a “how to” video with VoiceOver. This would be a great way for students to quickly show what they learned in a lesson/unit and provide the teacher with evidence to asses learning. So, last week I decided that I wanted to try another form of growing vegetables (sprouts in this case) indoors instead of in the conventional way with dirt. I created a quick 47 second video outlining the steps of growing alfalfa sprouts in an indoor sprouter. Check out my learning project post for more details of how I went about this growing journey.

Planting alfalfa sprouts

As I was using the iMovie app, I thought about how this app can be used in an educational setting and instantly thought of ideas for students to be able to show their work and learnings through creating visual presentations. I currently work as a student services teacher and each student I support has access to apple iPads. If I could teach my students how to use iMovie (which is quit simple to use), then the students could provide evidence of learning and understanding through multiple forms of pictures, slideshows, videos, etc.

After doing some research about iMovie and it’s functions, I realized there are many ways iMovie can be used in a classroom setting either for individualized or group work. Here are some ideas I found from the website iteach:

  1. Summarizing a recent unit with images, voiceovers, videos
  2. Digital storytelling with pictures, music, voiceovers
  3. Creating iMovie trailers for a book report
  4. Recording student presentations or reports

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